2018 Missouri Beer Festival

Getting ready for the 2018 Missouri Beer Festival

Posted by Ben Griffith on 2018-03-06

Brace Yourself, Beer Festivals Are Coming…

The season of the beer festivals has arrived for 2018! To start, we are heading off to the Missouri Beer Festival in Columbia, MO. Through our local homebrew club, The Worts, homebrewers can serve beer to the public and get some really great feedback. This year we brought a few new beers to the scene:

Bliple - Black Belgian Tripel - 10.5% ABV

Bliple is a take on converting a typically light colored style to the dark side. Bringing in dark wheat grain to give it a dark color with as little impact as possible on flavor to a traditional Belgian Tripel.

Ooda Lolly - American Pale Ale - 6.1% ABV

A simple straight forward American Pale Ale. Hopped with Simcoe and Amarillo, this beer leaves a pleasant flavor on the tongue with a wonderful floral aroma to the nose.

BONUS! - Experimental Cider #2 - ~7.2% ABV

If we run out of our 2 beers, we have our experimental cider #2 on deck. Loaded with apples, brown sugar and cinnamon, this cider comes in sweet and strong fermented out with a Belgian yeast strain.

The Jockey Box Setup with Sign
The Worts Homebrew Club Booth Space